"Susan has really given us the right language and tools to set boundaries, focus on our relationship, and have an overall happier family life."

~ Anna Morgan, Marietta, GA

What is a Parenting Coach Anyway?

A Parent Coach is basically a personal trainer for your parenting challenges.

They work one-on-one with you to identify specific issues you're facing, like tantrums or communication gaps, and then offer practical, easy-to-implement solutions.

It's short-term and goal-focused, so you'll see changes quickly.

They're your go-to support for making family life more manageable, and they tailor their advice to fit your unique situation.

Do You Feel Like You're Failing at Parenting?

You'd love to know exactly what you can do to help your child follow simple directions (without yelling, bribing, or threatening).

It feels like your child is angry with you but you don't know why.

Teachers and coaches report behavior at school that surprises you... you don't recognize the "leader" and "helper" they tell you about. You've been told that your kid keeps it together at school but because you are their safe space they lose it and melt down on you. 

And even though you get that they need to blow off steam at the end of the day, if you're honest, you hate that it's always you that gets the tantrums, that gets hit, that gets the worst of it and you wonder when things will get easier.

Is the issue ADD/ADHD?

Does your child have sensory processing disorder and need an OT?

Would your child be considered "on the Autism spectrum?"

Should you ask the school for a 504 or IEP?

Are you allowing too much screen-time?

If run-of-the-mill parenting advice has not worked for your child and you are starting to realize this is not "just a phase" you child is going to grow out of then it's time to get help.

You want a professional who specializes getting consistent results for parents so you can feel confident that you are raising a good human.

You want someone who will get straight to the point and tell you why your discipline methods are not working and show you EXACTLY what to do so that your children listen to you while deepening the precious connection you have with them.

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Does your child argue with you about everything?
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You don't want your kid to be "that kid."

You know your child can be a lot to handle.

And that makes spending time with friends and family, well, difficult. 

You've tried everything to help your child get along with others.

But those techniques don't work with your kid.

You wish others would understand that your kid is different. But they don't.

And you feel like you're failing as a mom.

  • No discipline method has an impact on my child's behavior
  • You worry your child will keep hitting
  • You need support and tools that work
    • You are completely exhausted
    • You want to honor who they truly are
    • You've tried everything...even things you're not proud of.

There is a better way. 

Imagine: Relaxing with friends and family who enjoy spending time with your family, and a deep connection with your child that will last (even through the teen years).


You will know how to speak to your child in a variety of respectful ways so they listen the first time.


You will be in control, without being controlling, while honoring your child's spirit.


Your child will always know they have your deep, unconditional love even when they misbehave.








"My exceptionally gifted daughter struggled with motivation and friendships. Susan provides the support and tools I need to help my daughter succeed in school and develop empathy with her peers."


-Teri Armijo Booth
Real Estate Broker and Mom

The Plan

1. Schedule a Free Call

It's time to stop "trying everything" and start solving the problems that are preventing you from being the parent you want to be so that your family can thrive.

2. Learn a Better Way to Parent

You will learn to identify & meet the needs of your child so you don't have to yell to get them to listen or punish to correct misbehavior.

3. Enjoy Deeper Relationships

You are calm, confident, & relaxed. Your child is, too! Everyone is happier and your family enjoys spending time with friends and family even during holidays and vacations.


I believe there is a better way to parent your "strong-willed" child.

For too long, "respect" meant children who were "seen and not heard" because they were truly afraid of adults. 

There is a better way.

I was raised by a single mom who did the best she could with what she had. There were good times. But there were dark times, too.

When I found myself yelling to try to control my strong-willed child, I felt like I had failed.

I was doing the exact thing I swore I'd never do; yell and punish to get her to do what I wanted.

And it wasn't working.

Worse, I could tell it was damaging my relationship with both my children; they were afraid of my anger just like I was afraid of my parents' anger when I was young.

I knew something needed to change.

So, I took what I learned in my years of teaching and created a simple yet powerful parenting plan that helped me handle my reaction to any of my children's misbehavior without yelling or punishments.

Ever have days when being a mom is so overwhelming that all you want to do is hide out at a local Marriott for one night so you can be alone for more than five minutes (not to mention getting a full night's sleep)?

I get it. I lived it. And I got through it.

You can feel confident in your parenting and in the great (imperfect) relationship you have with your kids.

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Client Success Stories

Susan Morley Coaching

“Thank you—your technique appears to have worked, and on the very first night, no less. We had one evening of tantrumming for about 45 minutes, and ever since then, it's been MUCH more manageable. Is there negotiating? Yes. There is a lot of "mommy staaaayyyyyy!" But the expectation of a prize seems to be gone. THANK YOU so much for your help. You really helped my family dig ourselves out of the prize hole!”

Decatur, GA

Susan Morley Coaching

“I will send Susan many “SOS” emails or text messages when my daughter is causing a ruckus at home or at school. Susan will respond and talk me off the ledge before I behead said child. She does not nickel and dime you with charges for these morsels of advice she hands out on the fly-she charges very reasonably. If anything I think she should charge me more for having to repeat herself to me all the time! ”

Pheonix, AZ

Your Child Has Needs That You May Not Recognize...

Learn the six steps you need to meet the needs of each of your children.

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